About us

EduCentre is a modern online tutoring centre. Since the beginning of our company we have been focusing on providing online support for students, to give them access to high-quality classes, no matter where they live and study.

Why us?

Why us?

In our centre we focus on IB Diploma programme, and offer a wide range of classes and support for IB students. We have a team of highly-qualified IB teachers and examiners with years of experience in supporting students in IA’s, EE’s, oral and written exams. We can guarantee that our teachers will help you in achieving best results in final exams!

From the very beginning of our centre, we have helped many students achieve their dream results and get into the best universities in Poland and all over the world.

Learning without borders

Thanks to our online classes, it does not matter whether you study in Poland or abroad, we will certainly find a convenient time and day for your lessons!

How is the cooperation going?

Ask us about our courses

Contact us and we will answer all your questions and explain in detail how EduCentre works

Discussing your needs and arranging a trial lesson

We will determine what tutoring/course you need and tailor it to your needs. Whether you need support with your oral, written, IA or EE exams. Our experienced IB tutors are sure to help you get the best results! We will also arrange the most convenient time for you to meet and schedule your first lesson with the teacher.

Let us know how you liked it

At your trial lesson you will discuss your needs directly with your teacher, who will make suggestions on how you can improve your performance and suggest the frequency of future meetings.

Let's agree on further cooperation

After the trial lesson, our coordinator will discuss your impressions of the first lesson and offer further cooperation. We will provide you with the details of the contract and complete all the details. We will always send you a summary of your current tutoring sessions and an invoice at the end of the month.


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